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Partner for a Seamless HR & Payroll Experience

At the end of the year, it’s common practice to look ahead and predict trends: where is the economy headed, what’s happening with the workforce and what technology advancements we might see. While trends are interesting, changes rarely happen alone because they’re usually the result of developments that are already underway. Therefore, it’s important to look back to understand the fundamentals for change moving forward.

What’s influencing change in 2019?

In 2018, we saw companies accelerate their digital transformation journey. We’re living in a digital world, one that’s only going to get more so. Employers have realized they must provide employees with a user experience equal to that they have at home and, more importantly, to their competitors if they’re to attract and retain the talent they need to be successful.

Many companies are looking at HR cloud solutions to support their digital journey. The major challenge, and this is reflected in a recent Gartner report, is that no single solution covers all needs. Therefore, even the largest vendors have partnerships, especially to deliver local processes like payroll, benefits and time, because these require a specialist rather than generalist approach. It’s for this reason that I strongly believe that 2019 is the year of collaboration.

Joining the dots and data

At NGA HR, we connect the dots. We partner so we can integrate the best HR and payroll technologies for our clients. This means they can have the seamless processes they need to motivate, manage and reward their workforces. Most importantly though, through this integration we can combine the data from these underlying solutions into a single dashboard to provide highly intelligent and accurate Workforce Insights.

Branching out

Every digital HR transformation project we deliver at NGA HR leverages the strengths of our partnerships; a partnership network we’re continually extending to ensure we’re not only deploying the best, but we continue to lead the way with innovative HR and payroll solutions.

At UNLEASH in Amsterdam recently, I met with several interesting start-ups to see how we can work and innovate together. In January, my colleagues and I will announce two new partnerships.

The first is part of a wider collaboration to extend our own BPO services, and to further strengthen the chain of data trust for our clients. This is a hugely exciting development for our clients. The second will extend our benefits and rewards offering.

These are just two examples of our continuous investment and commitment to addressing clients challenges now, while anticipating their future needs. Watch this space for more on these an further new partnerships in 2019.

Innovation Accelerator

In 2018, to accelerate innovation, we set up our own global network of NGA HR Innovation Hubs. Within these we collaborate with clients, partners, academia, industry watchers and experts to fully understand the challenges our clients face.

Some of the proof of concepts that stem from the design thinking workshops hosted in the hubs seem, at the time, almost too futuristic to have a real-world application. However, using this intelligence gained, we continue to develop HR and payroll solutions and services for today and tomorrow. Some of these are now among our hotly anticipated trends for 2019.

Already, NGA HR chat bots are resolving HR tickets in client operations, and are fast becoming more sophisticated. Few thought we would see this so soon. Our HR analytics pilot is reaching its conclusion and we expect our commercial solution to be integrated into client services in the coming months. Feedback from the pilot is exciting and phenomenal data insights are being delivered.

Both these developments from NGA HR are examples of how we’re always thinking; continually opening up new ways of engaging with employees and integrating workforce insights into wider business planning to drive operational success for clients. As Gartner rightly concluded in its report, no one vendor alone can deliver the perfect integrated, 21st century user experience.

This is the value that NGA HR’s ecosystem brings: in partnership, we manage the complexity to make the HR and payroll user experience seamless for our clients. Here’s looking forward to a Happy and Collaborative New Year!