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The Ultimate List of 2019 Trends

It’s December! As the year comes to a close, and we are finishing up our work to take some time off for the holidays, the 2019 trend articles are popping up in my mailbox. To make life a little easier for you, I am tracking the links in this post.

Let’s start with Gartner’s Top 10 strategic technology trends for 2019 overview: Blockchain, quantum computing, augmented analytics and artificial intelligence will drive disruption and new business models. Gartner focuses heavily on automation and AI, leading to ‘autonomous things’. “The future will be characterized by smart devices delivering increasingly insightful digital services everywhere”. From an HR perspective, Gartner considers the Digital Disruption of HR and Reskilling the Workforce as 2019 top priorities for HR Leaders.


Tom Haak, in his new role as ‘trend wisher’ dives into the Trust issue: who do employees trust? The organization they work for? Their boss, team, colleagues? And what does that mean for the technology they (have to) use? It’s a hard question that deserves to be answered before we can address the overal employee experience. Fortunately, there is good news in 10 Inspiring HR Trends for 2019.

The leadership team at NGA HR runs a 2019 trends special, with a new trend released daily. Andy Monshaw kicks off the series and talks about how embracing digital HR transformation holds the secret to business success. Come back for your daily fix.

People are at the heart of the 10 Predictions for HR in 2019. Personalization, the human touch, skills and soaring people analytics adoption (of course!) all make David Green‘s list for 2019. He cleverly links back to 2018 articles and data to support his assumptions, so this provides you with an insightful overview.

Low unemployment, competition for top talent and multiple generations: today’s workplace is set for dramatic transformation. Managing the workforce has never been more challenging than it is today, and HCM leaders seek to improve operations, communications and engagement with their employees. Humanity has identified the five key trends facing enterprise organizations in 2019 and the changes that should be considered as organizations plan for the year ahead.

With the economy going strong, unemployment at historic lows and talent scarcity the new normal, employers must take action to stay ahead in 2019. The good news is that there are plenty of opportunities for companies, says the executive team at Randstad as they share their 8 work trends to watch.

What makes employees tick? How can we improve employee engagement? Those are certainly the big questions as the labor market remains tight. So what’s on the 2019 agenda for engagement-savvy HR teams according to Peoplexcd? Purpose, trust and health & wellness are important, as is continuous feedback which is said to considerably boost employee engagement.

The team at Unleash asked five of their headline speakers to list their top trends when it comes to the future of the workforce and employee experience and engagement. Take a look at the top 3 trends from HR leaders at Swarovski, Deutsche Bahn, ING and TUI Group.

Rachael Klinefield got an early start and identified Big Shifts: What HR Trends are coming in 2019? She cautions that HR leaders need to step up their game in an unprecedented way to strengthen the workforce.

What are the trends that Courtney Moran is most excited about? Employees are looking to work for companies that provide more than just a fair salary plus the usual perks and benefits. She shares the 5 major HR innovations to think about in 2019.

The future of HR is rapidly changing. And while that future will always be a mystery, Suzanne Lucas is looking forward to 2019 trends and, among others, thinks it’s an excellent year for Women in STEM to enter the field of HR Tech (not a moment too soon!).

Consumerization of HR, changing workforce demographics and an acute shortage of talent call for innovation in human capital strategy says Chiradeep BasuMallick. He suspects that we’ll see seismic shifts in 2019 in how companies attract and retain talent. As HR leaders look at technology to transform HR, here are his 6 trends that disrupt HCM in 2019.

If you want to make your opinion heard, Deloitte is running its annual global human capital trends survey. This is your chance to add your 2019 insights.

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It’s always good to remind ourselves where we started from. So before we find out what 2019 has to offer, Chieu Cao offers a look back at 2018 – The Year that was in HR Tech. He analyzes some of the key changes he’s observed, and what they mean for 2019. The market entrance of non-HRTech players is certainly on my list of important market developments!

Kate Wadia lays out the 3 HR Tech trends that deserve the hype as well as the ones you can ignore for the time being. And yes, blockchain makes one of these lists. Read her article to find out on which one.

The HR Federation identifies the most impactful HCM trends for 2019. They focus on trends that are driven by actual technology spend vs. many of the technology “buzz words” in the space. The report opens with HCM tech market data, including a look at VC investments, and then delves into the 7 key trends.

2018 was a busy year for the HR Tech space with power shifting from employer to employee. Bhaswati Bhattacharyya lays out how you can apply 2018 learnings when building your 2019 HR Strategie using these 5 key trends to watch in 2019.

If they want to deal properly with all the technology and business challenges in front of them, Human Relations Officers must be aware of the basic transformation trends in 2019 argues Diana Coker. So she points out the 3 Transformation Trends in 2019 HR needs to watch.

HR Grapevine spoke with HR tech experts at Unleash and they unveiled their key trends for 2019 (page 18). Big data, customization and holistic systems all made the list, with HR technology becoming a ‘true system of productivity’.

It’s a great time to be in HR and HRTech says Franz Gilbert. He sees 3 drivers for this: employees are recognized as critical, Tech is ready and investment is there. Franz sees the employee experience as the ‘great unifier’. He has 3 predictions for 2019 for the HRTech industry.

2019 seems to be a promising year for the digital HR ecosystem with several powerful tech trends emerging in the HR landscape. Arvind Kugasia sees 5 disruptive Digital HR trends, from continuous performance management to analytics.

Social media and virtual sharing have transformed the HR industry writes Alainia Conrad, and more advanced tools are emerging. She consulted industry leaders and experts to learn the top future HR software trends. Find out what they said in her overview of HR Trends in 2019.

Steve Boese came up with several HR Technology Trends you can’t afford to ignore. He includes advice for HR leaders who are thinking about AI, to ensure you deliver real returns. Be sure to read all the way to the end and pick up your invite for the HR Technology Conference in Vegas.


Kristina Martic introduces the 15 new recruiting trends for 2019 by reminding us “it’s a candidate driven market out there”. HR-C Suite provides a direction for recruitment with the Top 10 recruiting trends for 2019. Current tech trends, like automation, predictive data and analytics are bringing improved efficiency and quality of candidates to talent acquisition teams, writes James Haley in his Tech trends 2019 blog.

The 7 key HR trends to watch out for in 2019 from SquarePeg wave goodbye to 2018 as the year of ‘diversity and inclusion’, and say hello to 2019 as the year of ‘recruitment automation and data driven HR’. Sara Pollock wonders where HR Tech is going when it has already come this far? She lays out a few key trends that are leading the way to a better, more sophisticated recruitment future and what to expect in 2019.


With all changes hitting the workforce, it’s no wonder that learning & development is a major focus of the C-suite, to make sure employees can keep up with ever changing skills requirements. Udemy surveyed 400 L&D leaders and uncovered 5 workplace learning trends, including 5 Predictions for 2019.

Have you written or read an article on global HR trends for 2019 that did not make the list? Please leave a comment with a link!