Anita Lettink

offers a unique perspective on the future of work

futurist for people leaders

Anita is a sought-after keynote speaker, podcast guest and writer. A dynamic and inspirational speaker, Anita has given hundreds of presentations, from in-person executive briefings and conference openers to virtual HR events, with thousands of participants.

Anita Lettink is a partner at Strategic Management Centre and the founder of HRTechRadar. For over twenty years, she has been a leading authority on the Future of Work and Pay, HR Transformation and Outsourcing. Anita has worked with the largest global organizations to re-imagine the way work gets done, future-proof their people function and services, and ensure they are supported by the latest innovations and technologies.

She contributes to publications all over the world to share her latest thinking on work and the workforce. In her articles, she explores a range of cutting edge HR topics including the latest work and pay trends, emerging technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence, and new concepts like Web 3 and the metaverse. Anita’s research is firmly grounded in data, which she uses to debunk work myths on an ongoing base.

Anita’s recent book “How to Select Your Next Payroll” (an unexpected best seller) helps leaders demystify a process where they always operate at a disadvantage compared to the vendor. Full of insights and practical advice, the book provides a step-by-step approach, thereby de-risking a sensitive process that is a major contributor to employee satisfaction.

You can connect with Anita on Linkedin and on Twitter.

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professional past

Anita was SVP Strategy & Alliances and member of the executive team at NGA Human Resources, a market leader offering innovative HR business solutions through outsourcing, consulting and technology. She worked at NGA HR from 2001-2020 and has an in-depth understanding of the industry.

Anita played a key role in growing NGA’s global presence through strategic selling and business development. She established partnerships with market leading vendors and created new offerings. She maintained close relationships with large, global customers and was the driving force behind the strategic HR2025 program. She also sponsored diversity & inclusion programs.

She is a strategic, multilingual business leader with global experience in people and workplace technology and in-depth knowledge of the HCM ecosystem. Anita drives a culture of innovation, based on values and diversity. She has led complex digital transformation initiatives that were critical to a company’s success.

Prior to NGA, Anita worked in business and IT roles for a variety of companies. She has lived in the United States and Germany, worked in many countries around the world and is based in the Netherlands.