Frontpage of HR Tech Funding 2021 report

HR Tech Funding was off the charts in 2021…

There’s no doubt about it: If you are the founder of an HR Tech company, 2021 was the best year ever to secure funding.

HR Tech companies raised more than 12 billion dollars in 2021. It’s extraordinary, especially when you realize that this is more than 2019 and 2020 combined!

And with 22 new unicorns, we can safely conclude that 2021 was HR Tech’s best year ever. I registered $12,275,512,500 across 330 VC deals. It is even more impressive because I use a restrictive definition of HR Tech, that excludes so-called worktech, job boards, gig platforms etc.

The funding went to 308 companies and 22 of them raised money twice. The investments cover the whole spectrum of HR services, but with $4.6B in funding, HCM Suites & Pay solutions stand out as the clear winners. And considering the focus on labor shortages, you won’t be surprised to hear that Talent Management and Talent Acquisition are next in line, but with a surprising twist!

HR equals cloud

All these companies create SaaS solutions with subscription revenue models: modern HR only runs in the cloud. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation and analytics are must-have components. And with best-of-breed as the dominant strategy, young API vendors behave like fintechs and are looking to disrupt the landscape.

The outcomes of these investments will be featured in 2022 and I’m excited to see what these companies will deliver. It will also be interesting to track what they do with that money. At a minimum, they already created 1000s of jobs: from sales & marketing to developers to backoffice personnel. And almost all of them are remote companies that allow people to work from anywhere. The future of work has arrived!

To be clear: not all of them will be successful. And investors don’t give them upfront access to the full funding amount. They typically set performance metrics to unlock a next batch of money. So I will be keen to understand how well they are doing. More to come in 2022.

You can find details in the report (free download link) including:

– geographic spread

– deal values

– largest and smallest deal

– highest and lowest month

– an analysis and what’s next

and much more!

Feel free to share the report. And if you have a question, let me know.

Metaverse at work?

You can’t have missed the latest hype: the Metaverse has arrived. We’ll all move to a virtual world, where we spend most of our days as an avatar attached to a headset. To be honest, it isn’t my idea of a fun work environment.

And I could easily dismiss the whole idea as too farfetched or something for nerds and geeks, if it weren’t for Microsoft. When a company that owns so much of our office solutions throws their weight behind a new concept, you know eventually we’ll see it pop up in our work life.

Make way for the creators

In addition, a record number of people started their own business and joined the Creator Economy. This often starts as a side gig, to ensure an income stream and not completely rely on an employer. The side gig provides a sense of purpose that people don’t find at work. Many companies (esp social media vendors) are expanding their solutions to support these independent creators and help them monetize their activities.

So this year, I will pay special attention to two new Future of Work topics:

  • the Metaverse
  • the Creator Economy

You might think that they don’t apply to your business today, or they have little effect on the way you work. And you might be right. But there’s no way to know for sure unless we fully understand the implications.

2022 Plans and initiatives

As I explore what these trends could mean for work, I’ll take you with me on a discovery journey. Here are my plans:

  1. Every day, I share one interesting Metaverse at Work article that I’ve curated for you. I’ll add a short analysis. You can find it at Or subscribe to the RSS feed. I’ll also share it on Twitter.
  2. Twice a month I will interview someone with an interesting take on the Future of Work in a TwitterSpace. You can join me for the live conversation. And I’ll post a link to the recorded podcasts in this newsletter.
  3. Join my brand new Future of Work Twitter Community to meet like-minded people and discuss new ways of working. Or follow me on Twitter to receive an invitation.
  4. I’ll share insights on LinkedIn every Tuesday and Thursday. You can connect with me and I’ll be glad accept your invite.
  5. And rest assured, this newsletter continues on its current schedule and you’ll receive it the first and third Wednesday of the month.

As you can see, I am kicking off many initiatives and the success depends on your input and participation. I hope you join me!