Blue slippers on beach

A Social HR Summer

It’s Midsummer today and that means we’re halfway through 2015 and in the Northern Hemisphere, Summer is finally here! (although the weather feels more like Autumn).

Summer brings about vacation; taking a few well-deserved days or weeks off from our hectic schedules to relax in a warm and sunny place. And whether you choose to spend your vacation staying at home, hiking, sitting on the beach or climbing a mountain top, there’s usually time for reflection.

In order to stimulate that reflection, I will be running a series of blogs that look at ways to use social media in HR. I use social media to stimulate my thinking process, so I’m going to explore this topic with a firm “What if” mindset in place: What if you would use social media instead of your current HR Tech solution?

I could raise lots of questions on privacy, security, single sign on and such topics, but it’s summer, so let’s step away from the constraints and think out of the box: Why not? I welcome your thoughts, comments and suggestions for social media to be included in this exploration!

So, on to the first question: What if… LinkedIn was your HR System?