What is good HR service?

A few weeks ago somebody told me she decided to quit her job and start out on her own. We were talking about the opportunity and I asked her what role HR played in her decision. She answered: `They had some wonderful tools and policies available┬┤. I was a bit surprised to find out that she actually meant it and considered that great support. So I asked her:`Suppose a customer calls with a question and we help her solve the problem. Would you be happy if later she told us they were satisfied with the service because we have wonderful tools and did not mention the service staff at all?┬┤

But by talking to her, I realized it really doesn’t matter in what form support is offered, as long as the receiver perceives it as valuable. It all depends on the way you look at it, and it’s not either or. What I take away from this is that there are many ways to offer valuable services, and the only one who can really decide what is great service is the customer.

Here is a great Infographic, courtesy of mindflash.com, that sums it up nicely. The only question remains: what’s your idea of great HR service?