Reading: Deloitte HCM Trends 2011

Deloitte has published their latest Human Capital Trends study titled “Revolution/Evolution”. It’s a good 30 pages on 12 trends that are shifting the HR landscape and reads well. Deloitte mentions that two broad themes – innovation and global markets – are influencing human capital organizations around the world.
Each theme is described in a few paragraphs and is followed by “lessons from the front line” and an overview of “practical implications”, which makes the study very applicable to your situation.
The study highlights a new role in HR: the HR COO, leading HR Operations. I have not seen this role materialize at customers, but if your HR Operations are large enough, I see why you would nee this role. Not sure about the title though – I guess it’s too close to the real COO.
Even though they split the study in two parts, the overall conclusions lead more towards Evolution than Revolution. E.g. the lattice/ladder debate has been there for a while, and it’s not exactly turning the business upside down. Let’s face it, HR is not really a department that welcomes Revolution with both hands. Evolution is more likely.