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Let’s Celebrate the Carnival of HR

Now that we are getting close to 2013, we are bombarded with the latest trends in HR and all the things we have to do to make HR even better than before. But if we always focus on the future, and the next improvement, we have no time to enjoy what we’ve accomplished so far.

We’ve come a long way in HR, and it’s fundamentally different from where we were 10 years ago. That is the achievement of great HR folks in the field, who’ve worked very hard to make a difference and bring change.

In a few weeks, on December 5th, I am hosting the Carnival of HR at this blog. Since December is a festive month, please take a moment to celebrate your best achievement in HR with a blog post and tell us why you’re so proud of that. What moment or event do you feel good about? What is your reason to celebrate?

I am looking forward to read all about your all time high in HR!
Blog entires can be mailed to nga_anita [at] yahoo dot com until December 3rd.