Cloudify your payroll

Do you remember the last time you used a physical data carrier like a CD-Rom or DVD? I don’t. Truth is, I don’t even own devices with players anymore, except for my work laptop. When I need to install a program or download data, I go to the internet and download the latest version directly from the cloud. More often, I don’t install a program anymore, but use the solution in the cloud – we’re always connected.

It’s similar for enterprise systems – when was the last time you bought a hardware server to install a company program? Most companies are moving their corporate systems to the cloud, especially when it comes to support services, like HR and payroll. I can’t remember the last time an HR vendor released a new onPrem HR/payroll solution. Going forward, HR is cloud-based, and research shows that there is an overwhelming intent by HR Directors to move to the cloud. 

If you can start fresh, moving to the cloud is relatively risk-free. You pay a fee, set up your environment and start adding data. But if you own legacy HR systems that you have spent time and money on to customize, migrating to the cloud might not be so straightforward. Especially when it comes to payroll, the cloud vendor does not (yet) offer a local payroll solution including all localizations and country legislation. So how can you enable the cloud in such an environment?

To ensure that your company can benefit from the cloud while safeguarding prior investments and minimizing risk, we have developed the ‘Cloudify Payroll’ offering. Not limited to payroll only, this offering allows you to move to a CoreHR solution in the cloud, while we will move your onPrem solutions like Payroll and Time to a private cloud environment and handle integration and connectivity.

NGA will host your solutions, ensure they are frequently updated and maintained and offer you the opportunity to turn CAPEX into OPEX by transferring your capital expenses into a monthly pepm. This means you save on infrastructure and hosting costs, as well as on resources who maintain these systems. As a result, your former onPrem systems will be seamlessly available in your cloud environment, without any user ever knowing the difference.

A migration to Cloudify Payroll can take place in stages. You can choose to outsource your infrastructure and application management but hang on to your inhouse payroll administrators who will continue to run payroll as before. For them, nothing changes, they will continue to have the same activities and same responsibilities.  In a second stage, you can decide to outsource payroll administration, thereby moving the responsibility to deliver a correct payslip to NGA. If you want to outsource it all in one go, that is possible too.

Whatever model fits you, rest assured that your systems will be secure and compliant, and that integration with CoreHR and interfaces with 3rd parties will be handled. In that sense, it’s like any other cloud solution – you’re always connected and, most importantly, always up to date.