Invite to Redesigning Work in Lisbon

Tech Hiring Lisbon: Re-designing work for 2022

Companies are losing employees at a higher velocity than ever and talent is aware that mobility is an option.

Remote work is not so much of a trend anymore, which allows for a more diverse, cross-cultural and inclusive workplace.

There’s no more borders when it comes to hiring. And this is why work needs to be re-designed. For 2022 and for the future.

I will provide the opening keynote titled “The Great Resignation is a Myth” and bring the data to prove it.

It will bring together Lisbon’s top community of HR, recruiting and talent acquisition professionals, hiring managers, CTOs, COOs and CEOs working relentlessly to unlock the future of work.

On May 20th, at Lisbon’s Chamber of Commerce, we’re getting back to the real deal to share learnings face to face, on topics such as:

  • how to build a distributed workforce
  • how to hire tech professionals without borders
  • how to create and navigate an inclusive and diverse workplace where everyone has a different voice
  • how to scale your company in this new work paradigm

Join us for an afternoon where we’ll all get back to face to face conversations, have the chance to meet others in the community in one place, and share our thoughts and knowledge with each other. Get your ticket today.