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Thank you for considering Anita Lettink as a keynote speaker for your conference! Here’s what you should know:

Your event is important. And you need the perfect keynote presenter who can speak from experience to your audience’s unique challenges. You want someone who will inspire them, but also offers insightful ideas and examples. And you want them to go home with tangible advice that is practical and applicable.

As an internationally acclaimed keynote presenter and thought leader, Anita has been inspiring and educating audiences around the globe about the ever-changing landscape of work & pay. With her unique insights and captivating storytelling, Anita empowers organizations to navigate and thrive in the rapidly evolving world of work.

Why Choose Anita Lettink as Your Future of Work Speaker?

Unrivaled Expertise in the Future of Work & Pay and Technology

Anita is a leading authority on the future of work & pay, with an extensive background in human resources, payroll, technology, and organizational strategy. Her deep understanding of these intersecting domains enables her to deliver engaging and insightful presentations that captivate audiences and drive meaningful change.

Engaging Storyteller and Thought-Provoking Visionary

Anita’s ability to connect with her audience through authentic storytelling and thought-provoking insights sets her apart from other future of work speakers. She leaves audiences inspired and equipped with actionable strategies to navigate the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow’s workplace.

Customized Presentations Tailored to Your Needs

Anita understands that every organization has unique goals and challenges. She works closely with clients to tailor her presentations to their specific needs, ensuring maximum impact and lasting results.

So whether you’re seeking a keynote speaker for a conference, a facilitator for a strategy workshop or a fresh perspective for a boardroom discussion, Anita’s presentations act as an insightful catalyst for innovation and inspiration.

Want to know more? You can contact Anita directly:

Keynote topics

Anita speaks on the following topics or a combination:

  • the future of work
  • the new employee experience
  • the future of pay: changing expectations on compensation and rewards
  • unleashing the power of technology in HR, including artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain
  • how Web 3.0 will change work forever
  • the HR Tech marketplace

Each keynote is:

  • custom-tailored to your audience so you can meet your intended outcomes
  • engaging, high energy, and interactive
  • filled with practical, immediately applicable advice
  • grounded in research and supported by data

Based on your specific needs, your audience will:

  • understand the trends and technologies that are changing work
  • learn what that means for the expectations of your current and future workforce
  • translate the insights into ideas for a better workplace
  • apply the learnings to their specific situation

Participants will leave with immediately applicable insights they can implement the next day.

They’ll feel empowered and ready to take action.

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Book Anita Lettink for Your Next Event

Ready to inspire your audience and spark transformative change within your organization? Contact Anita today to discuss your event and learn how she can captivate your audience with her compelling insights into the future of work.


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