HR goes Hybrid

My new 2010 whitepaper is titled: Crossing boundaries to create Hybrid HR. Why do we believe that HR goes Hybrid this year? Because we think that a new flexible ‘hybrid HR’ approach is crucial for HR to succeed in this new decade. Hybrid HR combines every available delivery option to provide HR services in real-time and to allow for maximum flexibility – HR services can be delivered to anyone, anywhere, via any device at any time.

Over 10 years ago, Dave Ulrich changed the HR world as we knew it when he published “Human Resource Champions: The Next Agenda for Adding Value and Delivering Results”. Since then, HR has been implementing new service delivery models, introduced Administrative Experts and Business Partners and switched to shared services and outsourcing. After all these years, HR innovations have finally matured enough to be able to pick the right sourcing mix, consisting of the optimal combination of onPremise, BPO and onDemand service delivery.

What has made this possible is the “Always On” technology trend that we observe. Just a decade ago, mobile phones were for business users and connecting to the internet was slow and required expensive equipment. Now, every device has integrated wireless and allows people to connect anywhere and at any time. We have come a long way since then, and the combination of innovations in both HR and technology leads us to Hybrid HR.

You can find the white paper by following the link posted above. Please let me know your thoughts using the Comments feature below.