Holstee quote

This Is Your Life

The words in the picture are the final sentences of the Holstee Manifesto. It hangs on the wall in my office. The Manifesto serves as a constant reminder that Life is Short, and we better make the most of it.

But for this HR Carnival post, I’ll focus on the second phrase:”Do what you love, and do it often”. How many of us go to the office every day because we love what we do? Because we have an inherent need to share our passion? Do you? Or do you have a secret wish to travel around the world, start our own business? What are you waiting for?

Over the course of a lifetime, we’ll spend more than 11,000 days at work. That’s a lot of hours. Most people set out on a career early in their lives and continue on that path. 30 years later, they look up and wonder what happened to all their dreams. Now imagine we would get a 6 month sabbatical after every 10 years of work. Have the time to do what we really love: how would you spend those hours? Doing the things you love? And can you make them work?

February 14th is all about spreading the love – how about some love for your place of work? And if not, maybe it’s time for a change. Because we always find dozens of reasons not to take a big leap and start doing what we love, but there’s only one to do it right away: This Is Your Life!