Benefits of HR Transformation

When an organization engages in HR Business Transformation, this results in a significant change of focus in the delivery of HR services, by freeing up resources to engagein the more value added HR tasks. The proposed way forward delivers a state-of-the-art environment that supports managers, employees and HR professionals in executingthe corporate strategy and achieving their goals.

The HR Transformation program will create a streamlined, more effective HR organization that adds increased value to:

• Organization
• Line Managers
• Employees
• HR Function


The new HR department can achieve significant cost savings while supporting the corporate culture. In particular, it will realize the following benefits for the organization as a whole:
  • Improve the value of human capital
  • Provide a strategic HR approach instead of event-driven HR activities
  • Help attract top talent
  • Allow line managers to focus on people related issues rather than administrative activities
  • Enhance the ability to integrate new companies as a result of the new support envi-ronment that operates largely independently from business processes and changesto business organizational structure
  • Provide transparency and consistency in services and costs
  • Be responsive to business demands through rapid deployment of new solutions
  • Allow more money to be spent in value added HR activities, like top policy expertise and HR business partners

Line Managers

Line managers spend too much of their time on administrative employee related tasks.Through rapid access to solutions, data and help on-line, single point accountability and faster decision making, the new HR service delivery will save time that can then bespent on fostering the business. In addition, as people managers, line managers will beable to access comprehensive, team related data and, as a result, take informed decisions. The new approach:

  • Takes away low value added administrative activities
  • Empowers line managers to take on “people” issues proactively
  • Improves management of team development and performance
  • Enables HR Business Partners to act as change facilitators


Employees will have greater control over their own employment lifecycle (job posting,changing personal data, access to learning solutions, etc.) in the new environment,through online access to information and quicker response from experts. This will enhance overall productivity and improve employee satisfaction. HR Transformation supports employees in the following ways:

  • Provides quick and easy access to information
  • Empowers people to make their own decisions
  • Provides consistent information
  • Enables greater transparency in administrative activities through the application of clear standard procedures
  • Improves focus on personal development and performance

HR Function

The HR function will be completely transformed along the three lines of the business model and will be able to attract and retain the best HR talent:

  • HR Business Partners focus on change management and talent management activities: Business Partners will be valued for their business contribution;
  • HR Experts focus on HR Intelligence and building in-depth expertise: expert staff will be able to deliver best-in-class solutions in areas such as resourcing, learning, rewarding, etc. and will be recognized as thought leaders in their field;
  • HR Service Delivery focuses on high-quality and fast service delivery against agreed service levels;
  • Service Center staff will be motivated by service excellence and by solving day-to-day problems.
Overall, they will work from a customer focus point of view, and serve employees and managers to their satisfaction.