HR 2025 banner with people starting down at screen

Are you ready for HR2025?

I am bringing thought leaders from different industries together to share their views on the future of work in 2025.

We are a few weeks away from entering the 2020s and this is a great time to think about the future of work, HR and pay.

I want to find answers to the following questions:

  1. Why should we think about the future of work and HR? 
  2. How will people work and how will they get paid? 
  3. What will the workforce look like and how will we manage them? 
  4. How will HR be organized and consumed? 
  5. What (HR) Technology will we use?  

I’m also running a global survey so everyone can participate! Help us reach the broadest audience and share the survey link widely with friends, family and, anyone really! People working in very different lines of work to you, in any country in the world, under any employment status are all welcomed and encouraged to share their thoughts.

In the second half of November we will publish the link to a special website where you can read blogs, find resources and listen to podcasts. Please fill out the survey, and not only will you participate to win a Fitbit, we’ll share the website with you once it goes live. What are you waiting for?