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The Google Experiment: One Today

From July 15 to August 15 my experiment is to work completely in the cloud, and I’ll be using Google Apps for my daily tasks as much as possible.

My colleagues challenged me to put some “skin in the game” so here it is: For every day that I don’t achieve my goal, I am donating $5 to Google One Today.

So at the end of the Google Experiment, the donation stands at: $40

Day 1: $0
Day 2: $5
Day 3: $0
Day 4: $0
Day 5: $5
Day 6: $0
Day 7: $0
Day 8: $0
Day 9: $5
Day 10: $5
Day 11: $0
Day 12: $0
Day 13: $5
Day 14: $5
Day 15: $0
Day 16: $0
Day 17: $5
Day 18: $0
Day 19: $0
Day 20: $5

It’s interesting to note that on the days that I fall back on MS Office, the reason is always a password-protected Office file, it’s never because I can’t complete a task in Google Apps. Or it’s a customer file that has to be sent back in the same format. Weird fact: also noticeable is an emerging pattern, it seems to be twice every week.

In the end I was unable to donate to Google One Today since I don’t live in the US. So I donated the money to the Unicef vaccination program, which is one of the beneficiaries of the Google One Today Program.