Google Day 2

The Google Experiment: Day Two

Today I realized that this cliche is very true: “old habits die hard” and that getting used to a new system also means letting go of a lot of automatic actions, that I repeat so frequently on a daily base that I don’t even think about it anymore. So yes, today the Google One Fund receives its first donation.

I did not succeed in making this a cloud-only day because someone mailed me a password-protected Excel spreadsheet that I needed to check. Although I stored it on Google Drive, the password-protection is not something Google understands and I received an error message. So I had no choice other than to use Excel.

While I was going through the file, I also realized that I open most files by right-clicking and selecting the application. If you work on Google Drive that means you default to Google Apps, but on a local drive, those options aren’t available in the popup-menu. So my question to all you Googlers out there: how do I add Google Apps to my Windows menu?

I also noticed another advantage of using the Gmail App: all Office documents that you receive are automatically linked to and displayed with Google Apps when you want to open them. This is not the case with mail in the Chrome browser, which displays attachments as native Office docs. Big +1 for Gmail App, while I am getting more confused as to why the browser version lacks so much functionality that is native to the App.