Google Day 3

The Google Experiment: Day Three

I’ve just finished day 3 of my Google Experiment and I’m really getting the hang of this. I realize this is not good news for the One Today fund, but today was another ‘Cloud only’ day even though I did not have a lot of meetings. I’m still struggling with the amount of MS Office files that I receive, but I’m slowly getting to the point where Google Drive is my first data storage and I use Google Apps to open all kinds of files.

I amazed some colleagues today by opening complicated Excel spreadsheets online, while preserving all formulas and formats. That is impressive functionality. I also like the feature where I create a Google doc, choose the Mail option and then have the option of determining which format to mail. My original document remains, but the recipient receives a Word doc. Nifty, no conversion necessary.

My colleague @selmer who has joined me in the Google experiment, shared this handy tips and tricks link for Google Drive. Check it out.