Google Day 6

The Google Experiment: Day Six

I was all set to write a daily blog post about my switch to Google Apps also knows as #theGoogleExperience.

Turns out, there’s nothing more to say. And since I don’t like reading blogs about ‘nothing’ I won’t continue with the daily updates as I don’t intend to bore my readers.

I have completely switched to Google for all of my office activities and it went far quicker and was easier than I expected. It’s simply swapping out one application for another: you can continue to use all your accumulated date without migrating it and that’s usually the bulk of the work. The user interfaces of both programs are so similar, there is not much of a learning curve. I’ve noticed that Google Apps offers fewer menu choices and options, but for my normal daily activities that is not a problem. I expect it might be more of an issue if you frequently use Word for complicated documents and publications and you need the “desktop publishing” options.

I’ll continue to update the Google One Today Fund post on a daily base – after all this is for a good cause. And expect another post on #theGoogleExperience at the end of the 20 days, to document my month, and maybe some dispersed posts when I really have something to say.