Google Day 5

The Google Experiment: Day Five

The Google One Today Fund receives another donation today and the reason for that is the same as earlier this week: I received a password protected Excel file that I could not open with Google Apps. This is getting annoying, so I am going to spend some time this weekend researching the issue to find out if someone has invented a solution to this problem.

Other than that, I am quite satisfied with the first week of my Google Experiment: the switch was much less cumbersome than I had thought. I had 2 lapses, both for the same reason, but other than that the transition went smoothly.

Next week, I’ll continue with my progress updates – after all, the Google One Today Fund deserves to know how much of a donation they will be receiving – but I will also spend some time on other cloud related topics so these posts don’t become too boring.

Enjoy your weekend!