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Social Media Sunday

It’s not often I disagree with Laurie, also known as the Cynical Girl, but yesterday was one of those days when I read Social Media Saturday. My apologies Laurie, but your post was just, well, way too cynical and left me feeling compelled to write a rebuttal.

First off, I am not an Apple geek. iPhone3 was the first Apple gadget I ever owned. Since then I’ve moved on to iPhone4, compared to which iPhone3 now seems like a clunky public beta. Anyway, iPhone4 makes my live so much easier, it’s been well worth the money. Why? Because a few well-chosen Apps simplify my life and make tasks so much more efficient. Now when I travel or go on holiday, iPhone4 is the only device I take with me and that is great because it is so small. (I just don’t want to think about what happens when I misplace it, or worse, when it gets stolen).

Here’s the things I do with my iPhone:

I have all my social media tools readily available to connect with friends, family and business: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Salesforce – ask and there’s an App for that:

I can book my flights, reserve my seat, check-in online and don’t need to keep track of a boarding pass:

I have my music, books, videos and training courses handy for when I’m bored:

I can make a shopping list, receive suggestions for items on sale, and the list will be ordered based on the layout of the AH store where I shop (the Netherlands only) – now that’s what I call efficient:

And if there is something I can not store on my iPhone, I just move it to my Dropbox folder:

What I can’t do:

– I can’t transfer money or perform transactions in my Bank App even though I can check available balances
– I can’t pay with my iPhone (although that’s in the works)
– I can’t unlock it using biometrics like iris scan or fingerprint (which would make it so much safer)

So Laurie, here’s my word of advice to you: add some business Apps to the fun Apps on your iPhone. It will simplify your life and free up your time, which you can then use to learn Words and crush the competition. Totally worth it!

PS: All Apps are available for free through the iTunes store, except for the shopping App, which is only available in the Netherlands.