Apple mighty mouse, MacBook Air and iPhone

New Year’s Resolution: Buy A MacBook Air

I need a new laptop and I had my mind fully set on an ultrabook with Windows 8. I’ve always had a Windows laptop – after all, I used to be an MSCE.

But I’ve changed my mind: I’m going to buy a MacBook Air instead. Why? Because I travel more and I want the lightest loop available to bring on planes. Because I had a look at the new Windows 8 and even though the tiles seem fresh at first, that fades really fast. And an iPad just doesn’t cut it for longer trips.

The Wirecutter has an extensive review on a 13 inch MacBook Air but I’m still undecided: should I buy a 13 inch model or would 11″ do just fine? And when it comes to storage: with all the cloud storage available, do I need 256GB flash storage or would 128GB be enough?

If you have some thoughts, or if you are the proud owner of a MacBook Air, let me know why you love or hate it in the comments. And if you have a good reason why I should consider an ultrabook, let me know too!

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