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What kind of employee experience do people expect? With so many solutions out there, how do we know which one is right? Do we have the right HR technology stack? Can you help us design a future-proof HR ecosystem? Should we buy a solution or include services as well?

Just a few examples of questions that my customers ask. With 20+ years of experience in helping clients create transformation programs, choose solutions and negotiate contracts, I help you to design an approach that is fit for your purpose. I also support you with tools and templates that you can use to manage the process. And when it comes to payroll, I wrote the book!

Engagements are always personalized and can take any form or shape. Even if you only need an hour of advice to make sure you’ve ticked all the boxes, or that your vendor submitted the best pricing proposal, you’ve come to the right place.


  • Support a regional manufacturing company with their HCM selection process.
  • Help a global consulting company redesign the people function to better support the remote workforce and choose a new HCM vendor.
  • Design a state-of-the-art HR solution architecture to support the modern workforce of a global high growth service provider.
  • Support a customer service company in the gaming industry to navigate the implications of self-employment, and how to prepare for the creator and gig economy. Finished with the selection of a global workforce vendor.
  • Run due diligence projects on HR Tech companies to support VC investment decisions.

1-on-1 ADVICE

I offer exclusive one-on-one sessions to discuss topics that need a confidential, personal approach. These sessions can be very practical, and focus on issues you encountered in your digital transformation journey, or a dispute with an HR or payroll solution vendor. I offer a single session to answer a particular question to a short series and require no long term contract.

We’ll discuss the topics in need of change: What’s working? What’s not? What are ways to resolve the issues? The next step is to tailor a personalized, confidential approach. As always in my work, I focus on actions that drive tangible results. I strive to empower people. I would love to engage in a conversation with you!


  • Help a CHRO navigate the challenges of the new world of work and remote leadership
  • Support a sales executive to better lead a group of (young) employees and achieve performance objectives
  • Coach university graduates to best position themselves for interviews
  • Help an executive make a career decision

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