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Being Deskless: A Tech Strategy For Your Deskless Workforce

Join Anthill for our inaugural episode, during which we will sit down with HRTechRadar founder Anita Lettink to discuss the importance of establishing an effective technology strategy, how to do so, and how it can help you engage your deskless workforce.

Anita Lettink has spent more than 20 years of her career in global consulting, corporate and executive leadership roles. Considered a leader in her field, she has a deep understanding of the HCM and payroll ecosystem and was recognized as a Top 25 Global Thought Leader on the Future of Work.

Anita brings insights and perspectives about the changing world of work. As the founder of HRTechRadar, she matches innovative HR companies with investors and buyers.

Anthill offers solutions for employees who don’t sit at a desk. We give organizations the tools to enable open, ongoing communication with your deskless employees through text messaging resulting in reduced turnover and increased employee satisfaction.