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The Secret to Global Payroll Success

Managing the complexity of payroll for a global workforce isn’t easy: paying employees across the globe offers legal, cultural, compliance and data quality challenges.

I often see HR cloud transformation projects pause when someone asks: “But, what about payroll?” The thought of developing and maintaining bespoke, point integrations for all local payrolls is daunting. That is usually the starting point to evaluate moving to multi-country or global payroll.

Whether you are moving to the HR Cloud, dealing with workforce fluctuations as a result of M&A activity, or looking to effectively manage complexity and compliance, going from local to global payroll can be complex, especially if you want to deliver a seamless employee experience. However, the rewards are well worth the effort, especially when it comes to insights in workforce data.

As you embark on your global payroll journey, I want you to be successful, so you can:

  • Deliver compliant, accurate and reliable payroll services that rapidly scale
  • Solve payroll integration challenges when moving to the HR cloud
  • Gain insights in workforce data, to help you plan and optimize business spend

I’ve created this free guide (no personal data required!) to help you get started It explains the key factors driving global payroll success. 

Happy reading! 

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Global Payroll Whitepaper