Workforce analytics timeline

Workforce Analytics – A Critical Component of Workforce Optimization

HR and business demands coupled with modern technological capabilities are what is driving the adoption of Workforce Analytics – it has become critical to recent successes. Organizations are facing ever increasing complexity in day-to-day management stemming from changing government legislation to varying expectations of today’s workforce. With the right approach to Workforce Analytics, organizations can leverage greater value from their personnel while minimizing costs and risks. At the same time, organizations must also be careful to avoid being caught up in the industry hype (think ‘big data’) and over inflated industry claims.

This webinar presents a unique opportunity to join leading industry expert Anita Lettink in an open panel discussion to help you navigate the path to a successful Workforce Analytics Strategy covering critical areas such as:

  • Defining what Workforce Analytics is and why it matters.
  • Understanding and demystifying Big Data.
  • Understanding emerging technology capabilities such as predictive analytics and mobile analytics, and their roles in Workforce Analytics.
  • Understanding the application of Workforce Analytics such as: Workforce Planning, Budgeting, Scheduling, Absence Management, Operations, Governance and Compliance.
  • The prerequisites and considerations needed for a successful Workforce Analytics strategy.
  • What are the pitfalls and how to avoid them?
  • How to build a strategic Workforce Analytics roadmap.

You can follow the webinar via the link: