Invite to webinar about Skills by Anita Lettink

Skills, the Global Currency in the Future of Work

Skills – some people call them the gold of the 2020s…

I wouldn’t go that far, but without a doubt, employing people with the right skill set is critical to thrive. But skills also have a much shorter “shelf life” than before. Studies estimate that around 15-20% of a person’s skills become obsolete every year.

Given that, employees who can quickly reskill as the situation changes are of the utmost importance to execute your strategy.

But these employees know that too. How do you interest them to come work for you and not the competition? Or that they don’t go off and become an independent?

It’s an interesting challenge and one we’ll examine more closely in my next webinar: Skills, the global currency in the Future of Work. As always, I’ll mix theory and data with pragmatic advice about what to do next to help you get on top of this.

I have the pleasure of presenting as part of the Cognisium Webinar Series on February 2nd, 2022 at 10am CET and I hope you’ll join me.

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