Meerwaarde in HR

SAS Briefing: More Value in HR

SAS invited me to present at their Human Capital Intelligence Briefing.

I started my presentation with an overview of external trends and then talked about 5 key focal points for HR. And then we focused on 2 key questions:

  • How can you make the contribution of Human Capital on the company strategy visible (if at all)?
  • What are the Human Capital activities that HR should execute to influence the company results?

We discussed the case study of Marlies, the HR Director of a company who just hired 200 employees – by itself a great result! Until you learn that this company recently lost 300 employees, grows in revenue but not in EBITDA and has a structural overcapacity of 100 employees with the wrong skills.

Moral of the story: you must never look at numbers in isolation: always look holistically at a KPI dashboard to determine success.