Fontys IT Festival

May 23: Fontys IT Festival

On 23 May, the second edition of the Fontys IT Festival will take place in Eindhoven. The Fontys IT Festival is a day full of inspiration and fun with inspiring speakers, active workshops and presentations of various student projects. This year’s theme is Artificial Intelligence (AI), where we explore the impact of AI on the world of (over)tomorrow.¬†We will provide delicious food and drinks and the day will end with a party.

I will speak about the impact of AI on the Future of Work:

Imagine going to work tomorrow and being greeted by your robot colleague. Sounds futuristic, doesn’t it? But with the rise of AI and increasing automation of jobs, this is already a reality for some. Does this mean we are on the verge of a future where robots and machines completely take over our work? Not necessarily. The emergence of AI and advanced technologies is changing the way we work, but also offers new opportunities and challenges.

In this keynote, we delve deeper into the future of work in the AI era. We discuss how AI will change our jobs and how we can embrace these changes. But we also examine the hype around AI and how we can ensure that we seize the opportunities and do not ignore the potential downsides that need to be kept under control.

This keynote provides a fascinating glimpse into the future of work. We will explore the different ways in which AI can help us improve our skills, increase our productivity, and focus on tasks that truly fulfill us. Don’t miss this inspiring session and learn how we can shape the future of work together!

You can reserve your spot via this link.