May 11: Breaking bias summit

The Breaking Bias Summit is Equalture’s first flagship event showcasing all aspects of unbiased hiring and DE&I in recruitment.

In this full-day event, we bring together the community of senior HR and recruitment professionals in the Netherlands to attend inspiring and practice-oriented sessions by thought leaders and experts in neuroscience, psychology, DE&I, recruitment, and change management in business.

Taking place in Amsterdam, the Breaking Bias Summit aims to empower change-makers and champions of unbiased hiring from forward-thinking companies based in the Netherlands.

My keynote: Breaking Bias in Recruitment: Unleashing Potential

Every employer wants to build an equitable workplace. And they increasingly rely on new technologies to do so. But the quick adoption of AI in recruitment is raising concerns: do we really understand the algorithms that drive talent decisions? Questions about potential biases and ethical implications are growing.

Let’s tackle the concerns around AI-driven hiring together and discover the power of science-backed, objective assessments to find hidden potential and build diverse, high-performing teams. In this keynote we will also look at what predicts job performance and explore if there is a way to bring together the best of both worlds.

I will also do a workshop on Pay Transparency and discuss the new EU Directive.

Join us for the Breaking Bias Summit on May 11th, where insightful discussions and presentations will take place from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM. Afterward, stick around for some networking drinks until 7:00 PM.