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Unleash World: How to select your next payroll

The Ultimate Guide to Payroll

What do supermarkets workers in Ireland, health care workers in California and Canada and retail employees in England have in common? Unfortunately, they all experienced errors in their payslips this year because their companies switched to a new payroll. And it wasn’t pretty: many employees were unable to pay their bills. And that leads to host of other issues, including missing mortgage payments or having to go to a food bank because there wasn’t any money in their bank accounts. It shows that choosing a new payroll, and switching to that new system is a difficult undertaking, no matter the size of your company and the make up of your worker group.

Payroll is a massively complex but mission-critical purchase that affects every person in your business. But it’s hard to get it right! Attend this session to learn from Anita Lettink, a Global Thought Leader who literally “wrote the book” on payroll selection, so you can avoid stumbling blocks and take this essential process into the future.

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