kallidus meeting photos

Kallidus: Future of Work

Kallidus invited me to present a keynote about the Future of Work at Kallidus Connect, their first in person meeting of the year. It was wonderful to speak at my first live event in 18 months.

I had forgotten how energizing it is to speak in front of a live audience. But the moment I stepped on stage I felt the vibe in the room.

Don’t get me wrong, virtual keynotes work well, and I enjoy giving them while connecting with a global audience. But nothing beats engaging with an audience and seeing hands go up when you ask a question.

The topics we discussed:

  • Data first: the world and it’s demographics in the next 10 years
  • Trends next: what does an employee expect from work in 2025? How do they get paid?
  • Technology: what role will automation play? What are future professions?
  • Resulting in ideas to take away for the innovation session

Big thank you to the Kallidus team. You are an amazing and innovative group. The innovation session brought great ideas to light.