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Future of HR Technology

At the Technology and Internet conference, I participated in a panel discussion on the Future of HR Technology. Here are the questions I answered:

Anita, let’s talk about the competitive dynamics among larger clients, which is a segment where I think you’ve got a great view of the market – especially in Europe. First of all, what do you see as maybe the one or two biggest differences between the enterprise HR market in the US and Europe at this stage? 

What kind of dynamics are you seeing in this segment of the market, especially as it relates to the market position of SAP? 

Can you talk a little about the traction Workday is having in the HP applications market, and how often are they replacing a best-in-breed point provider of applications vs. a broader provider like SAP?

I wanted to ask about bundling:. It seems large enterprises have traditionally been willing to cobble together “best of breed” HR solutions, while small businesses prefer bundled solutions. Would you agree with that statement? What is typically captured in a bundle, and are there specifically application areas where large enterprise still puts a high premium on “best of breed” features?

Anita, aside from broader comments on pricing, one thing we’ve picked up on is that some of the traditional payroll players are offering more bundled solutions and leveraging their incumbent position in core payroll. Has this impacted how your prospective clients are selecting vendors?

Regulatory changes have always been a big driver of HR and payroll software demand – and we’ve seen a lot of changes, whether it’s been tax rates, changes to the ACA, and overtime rules – just to name a few. What impact has all the regulatory change had on the demand environment over the past year or so, and to what extent has it driven clients to change their software provider?  Do your clients feel confident that the current backdrop is stable enough to make new investments and commitments to HR solutions?

Beyond payroll, what do you see as the biggest opportunity for you to expand your footprint in HR applications – is it workforce management, benefits, talent management, or something else?

If you want to know my answers, let me know!