Anita Lettink presenting on HR2025 and the Future of Work

eNGAge 2019: On the Future of Work and HR2025

It’s May 23, 2025: what will your life look like? That was the opening question on my presentation at eNGAge. With the pace of change in the world, it’s extremely difficult to predict what will happen in 2 years from now, let alone 6. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try: every company needs to pursue a strategy based on assumptions that can be adjusted as the environment changes.

After we determined who in the audience will be in charge in 2025, we then proceeded with a look at the world, the megacities, where people will live, and what work will look like. You need to Reimagine the world before you can Reimagine HR.

I talked about past, present and future HR: we’ve come a long way and we have seen a tremendous amount of change. We’re now gearing up for a new wave of change coming our way, that will bring more technology in the form of artificial intelligence and yes, the robots are coming too!

Have you thought about HR 2025 yet? If not, probably high time to spend a day or so discussing this with your team. I’ll be happy to share our agenda and approach.