Multi-process HRO webinar

Client Maturity and Multi-Process HR Outsourcing (MPHRO)

In this webinar we discussed Client Maturity on the Multi-Process HR Outsourcing (MPHRO) Radar.

With the single process HR Outsourcing witnessing a double digit growth and strong hold in terms of execution and experience, MPHRO is witnessing a promising growth of 6% in 2015. The growth rate of the MPHRO industry is expected to take away the growth rate of the single processes in the coming years, with MPHRO hitting a market size of USD 36 Billion in 2014.

In this webinar Akkshita Chauhan, Beroe’s HR services expert along with Guhan Ramanan, Vice President – Business Transformation at Neeyamo Enterprises Solutions and Anita Lettink, VP – Enterprise Strategy & Portfolio at NGA Human Resources addressed the drivers and dependencies of the Multi Process HR Outsourcing (MPHRO) strategy, giving a direction to the outsourcing pattern with respect to an organization’s maturity. They also discussed the requirements to be fulfilled under the client maturity and supplier capabilities to cater to the MPHRO scope requirements.