Invitiation for Top 200 - Innovative HR Transformation

HR2025, Payroll and Blockchain in Denmark

I had the honour of talking about HR2025 in this beautiful location in Klampenborg north of Copenhagen, Denmark. By the way, Sølyst was first called Zeelust, which is Dutch. There’s no such thing as coincidence…

After the presentation, we discussed the topics in round tables. What we discussed is the following interesting paradox:

We’re all currently busy with the same programs: 

-implementing new HR cloud systems 
-setting up shared service centers 

But how can you future-proof this? Because we are redesigning HR for 2019 and that means that by the time we go live, our shiny new systems are already outdated. As a business, running longer term investment programs, it’s almost impossible to keep up with fast-paced change in the world that employees live in. And we’re certainly not ready for 2025.

On top of that, HR is faced with supporting the many changes in the workforce: How can we match the roles and competences of the past with the roles and competences of the future?

We agreed that a program like HR2025 is a great initiative to take a long term perspective – we might not always be right, but at least we are taking a hard look at what we need to succeed in 3 or 5 years, and plotting that back on what we do today.

Thank you to all participants for your openness and contribution and I’m looking forward to the next meeting in 6 months!