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Keep Calm and HR On

It’s been a bit quiet on my blog lately. I am keynoting the HR Change & Transformation Conference in London next week and I’ve been working on a new presentation. The topic is HR Tech Trends.

While I was reviewing trends in all shapes and forms from all parts of live to get ready for my keynote, I started thinking about the importance of trends and how we use them. I like to follow trends because I like to think about what comes next. But if you’re an HR pro, you’re the one trying to make sense out of all of this and deciding what’s right for the business in the short term.

In the spirit of the conference location, here’s my advice to you: keep calm and HR on. Don’t be fooled or stressed by all the trends coming your way. You have enough on your plate already. Read trends for inspiration, decide what make sense for your employees and by all means, don’t strive to implement them all. Be relaxed and adopt a no-nonsense attitude towards trends: if you can’t think of any way a trend will add value to your (HR) business, then simply ignore it.

So my goal for Wednesday’s keynote is to come up with a no-nonsense, simple trend that covers all of them. If you’re participating in the conference let me know if I succeeded. The conference hashtag is #HRCT13.

If you can’t make the conference, then tell me what you think of HR trends in the comments below. And remember to be British: Keep calm and HR on!

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