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HR Outsourcing is not all or nothing

Lately, it seems that there is an emphasized focus on technology as the solution for all our HR problems. The cloud is the ultimate solution, and software as a service the only answer. In order to be a modern employer, you have to communicate through social media, your systems must be in the cloud and your HR department outsourced, preferably to an offshore location.

The problem is that many of us can not start from scratch, leave our legacy behind and switch to a completely new, outsourced HR delivery model in the cloud (BPAAS). We use an HR solution that we have invested in over the years and that contains historic data that we cannot do without. We don’t have the funds to spend on new technologies that change our HR service delivery just to make us future-proof. We need a solid business case to make the case for change.

So what to do if your company is not ready for BPAAS? Or never will be? Does that mean that the benefits will elude you?

Fortunately not.

Why not create a hybrid solution that is fit for your company? The presentation below gives you some ideas on how to achieve that. If you want to read more, you can download my HR Outliers whitepaper.

Or watch the presentation.