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Coming up: A Social Carnival of HR

The next Carnival of HR is headed my way on April 24th. Inspired by this blog post written by Paul Taylor, How social is your CEO?, the latest Carnival of HR is all about “How Social is Your HR?”. Are you a social fanatic, a recent learner, an experienced Tweep? What do you think: Do we need social media in HR or is it something that adds to your daily stress but you don’t see the benefits? Be sure to let me know by sending in your post to nga_anita at yahoo dot com by Monday, April 22nd!

And if you don’t have that much inspiration or you don’t know anything about social media, feel free to mail me a recent post on any topic with an HR flavor.

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have noticed that I really enjoy HR Infographics. As a bonus, I hope that everyone includes a link to their favorite HR Infographic with their submission. All these links receive a special mention!

Also, just as a reminder, here is what goes for rules around here:
1. Please submit a recent (within 2 weeks) post of your own for consideration to the current host.
2. Once the Carnival goes live please help promote it via twitter, your blog, or what have you.
3. Check out the Carnival of HR site!! This not a “rule” per se, but it’s still a good idea.